Breakfast in London

Breakfast Platters

  • Sliced cured meat platter
  • Thinly sliced hard European cheese platter
  • Sliced European cheese and cured meat platter
  • Lightly smoked Scottish salmon Platter with rocket salad, caper berries, cream cheese and lemon wedges
  • Selection of sliced seasonal fruit


  • Freshly baked viennoiserie
  • Mini croissant
  • Mini pain au chocolat
  • Mini pain aux raisins
  • Granary croissant
  • Mini Absolute Taste muffin
  • Bagels and bread rolls
  • Bonne Maman jams, honey pots and Isigny butter


  • Homemade Granola with Greek yoghurt and a fresh berry compote
  • A Selection of Cereals
  • Organic porridge with almond milk, dates and caramelised pecan nuts
  • Bircher muesli served plain or with red berries
  • Green apple bircher muesli with chia yoghurt and a fresh berry compote
  • Chunky tropical fruit salad pineapple, mango, cantaloupe melon, watermelon and kiwi
  • Fresh Fruit Skewers with a yoghurt, honey and passion fruit dip
  • Greek yoghurt
  • Assorted fruit Yoghurts

Traditional Hot Breakfast

  • Back bacon
  • Crispy streaky bacon
  • Mini pork sausage
  • Mini chicken sausage
  • Mini veal sausage
  • Grilled half tomato
  • Sautéed fresh mushrooms
  • Baked beans
  • Hash browns
  • Free range eggs Poached, fried or scrambled
  • Omelettes with a choice of fillings, including Gruyère, cheddar cheese, ham, onion, mushroom, peppers or chilli
  • American pancakes with blueberry and maple syrup (option of crispy bacon)
  • Buttermilk pancakes with poached peaches and raspberries and Greek yoghurt
  • Eggs Benedict served on English muffin, with honey roasted ham, free range poached egg and hollandaise
  • Free range scrambled egg with Scottish smoked salmon and caviar
  • Sweetcorn fritters with sweet chilli tomato jam, smashed avocado, spinach, lime crème fraiche and treacle bacon
  • Sourdough toast with smashed avocado, vine tomato and cottage cheese

The Aviation Nutritionist™

  • Buckwheat bircher muesli with fresh fruit and toasted pumpkin seeds (v) Buckwheat is an ancient grain and an excellent gluten-free source of easily digestible protein; combined with antioxidant and vitamin-rich fruits, the pumpkin seed topping provides high levels of fibre and potassium to aid in reducing hypertension, and control blood pressure in-flight.
  • Butternut rosti with wilted spinach and poached eggs (v) Providing the proteins essential for tissue repair, eggs also contain omega 3 fats to aid in normal cognitive function, which is impaired at altitude. They are supplemented with chilli for thermogenesis, speeding the metabolism, and turmeric which acts as an anti-inflammatory, both aiding in digestion and supporting healthy liver function to detoxify the body.
  • Acai chia pudding with blueberries and coconut (v) Another ancient grain, chia is a seed high in pr otein. Combined with acai, this dish provides an excellent source of antioxidants which defend the body against free radicals and aid in reducing the stresses of altitude on the body, minimising inflammation, supporting digestion, and easing joint pain.