Further Information


We operate 365 days a year and you can reach our operations assistant at any time between 5am and 11pm. For any urgent matter, please call our duty manager. 

Through our VIP service, our dedicated team have the capability to adapt their working hours to your specific needs. 


We take great pride in the service we provide, and our resourceful team will do everything possible to ensure your order is fulfilled. If you need assistance with your trolley and dishwashing, your laundry or store your cool bags, we’re happy to help. 

Through our local knowledge and strong working relationships, we have a wide network who can supply the finest products and source the most unique requests. Whether it’s a special gift, fine wine, home comforts or a reservation at one of Geneva’s top restaurants, our dedicated team is at your service. 


We take the utmost care in ensuring all your requirements are met. If you have any allergens or food intolerance, please speak to a member of our team who will be able to advise of all ingredients used and provide guidance on alternatives. 


Our catering is fully halal compliant and has been certified by MHCT-UK. 

A copy of this certificate can be provided upon request and we guarantee to all our customers full adherence to their faith. 


Quality, freshness and hygiene are our top priorities. Audited on a regular basis by independent external companies, our hygienist ensures we strictly follow the hygiene rules as per Gate Gourmet procedures and expertise. 


Your body faces multiple challenges when travelling at altitude, and so we also offer a menu which uses appropriate and balanced nutrition, specifically designed to lessen the negative effects of flying. 

Working with a leading aviation nutritionist, we have designed an innovative menu which focuses on foods which are organic, dairy-free, gluten-free and rich in antioxidants – whilst avoiding refined sugar, caffeine and alcohol. 

As with everything we do, our emphasis on taste, freshness and quality remains, so you can still be assured of delicious flavour at altitude. 


Absolute Taste powered by Gate Gourmet is based on the tarmac, in close proximity to the main private jets area. We operate our own fleet of refrigerated vehicles 

and have the capacity to reach you in any airport in Switzerland, subject to sufficient notice of location and timing requirements. 

We also have access through Gate Gourmet to its highloader fleet, providing additional capacity and flexibility. 

We are proud of our ability to cater to all types of aircraft, providing the same level of outstanding service and attention to detail to all clients, no matter what their individual requirements are. 


Working closely with you on a daily basis, we are fully aware of the flexibility that the private business aviation requires. 

As our guarantee of freshness, your order is always produced on the delivery day. 

If our chefs have not yet started preparation, there will be no cancellation fee. However, if our team have already purchased specific items from external suppliers to meet your expectations, those costs will be reflected on the invoice. 

Our team will always do its best to minimise any potential cost due to a late cancellation. 


Our VIP inflight and kitchen team works as one, helping us to maximise our performance and ensure you have a smooth flight. 

With a vast amount of hospitality experience across aviation and 5 star hotels, our dedicated operational team are fully involved to ensure your expectations are met and exceeded, and personally oversee catering deliveries to your aircraft in Geneva. 

Our Executive Chef, supported by our Head Chef, lead a multi-skilled team of chefs. Both have worked in some of the world’s most luxurious and prestigious hospitality companies. They combine their passion and attention to detail with an open minded approach to provide you with the best possible culinary support and expertise.